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New Employee? Lucas Software enhances OTJ Training

At Lucas we strive to give our clients the tools they need to streamline their business and ultimately help increase their bottom line. We continue to create new features that will offer our clients added value within our POS Solution. Recently we developed a new feature called "Intelligent Modifiers" which adds many benefits to our core solution.


The Intelligent Modifiers main function is to allow a primary menu item to recognize their own ingredients. In a Food Service operation, this lets your staff see the "build" of the primary menu item (Filet Sandwich), which comes with set modifiers (Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo) that are highlighted on the allowed modifiers screen. These screens give your employees a way to learn the build of your menu items while training on register operations. The training process with a new employee (or current employee with a new item) is significantly faster, allowing the new hire to learn the menu quicker while saving expensive training time.

In addition to helping train your new or existing employees on products, this feature will also prevent modifiers that are standard on the menu item from being added to the ticket. Also, it will prevent the possibility of guests being overcharged for an extra item which is already standard or prevent the addition of an unsuitable item such as "No Ice" to a sandwich. All of these examples can cause confusion and waste in the kitchen, which increases food costs and slows down speed of service.

In short, the new intelligent Modifiers can help save on restaurants' 2 biggest costs, Food and Labor!

Contact us to learn more about our features and capabilities with Lucas POS.

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