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Add Security with Closed Email Service

For nearly a decade, Lucas Systems has offered an email system that is closed to the public and allowed you to choose how employees use the system. We've recently redesigned it with a modern, robust platform packed with features! The new system has been designed from the ground up to be more secure, more reliable, and, most importantly, more usable.


We started by adding webmail. While you can still use Outlook or another email client, most users will prefer the convenience of a webmail system that can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, added support for the IMAP protocol means that you can set up any computer or mobile device to send and receive mail, the changes will synchronize between all devices.


Our Closed Email provides you with same functionality you'll see using industry standard email clients. Send attachments, add "approved" contacts, create folders for email management, create customized signature, etc. You wont compromise on features with this solution.


Email is an important part of your business, and, when it is down, you lose an important tool for communicating with your staff. We realize this and implemented the new system in the cloud, hosted by an industry leader Data Center which aligns with the Tier 3+ guidelines (Avg. 99.982% Uptime). This assures a level of reliability when using our email service.


No system is complete without a tailored security program in place to protect it. Security was the first consideration when we designed our email platform, and the discussion was continued every day throughout its development. While the list of features is extensive, these are the highlights:

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • Anti-Spam Filter

  • Anti-Malware Filter

  • Per user and per company white-listing of individual addresses and domains

  • Default deny-all for both inbound and outbound traffic

  • Content Filtering (credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.)

Don't let a malicious email compromise your business operations. Instead, increase your security posture with the Lucas Closed Email Service.

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