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Cloud Reporting

Data Anytime, Anywhere...

Pivot Cloud Solution, also known as “Pivot.” As many of our users know our Point of Sale solution has been built on 30+ years of guidance and feedback from knowledgeable restaurant operators. Recently, our users have indicated that “easy access to current, real-time data from all restaurants” is one of their greatest needs. Today, Lucas has this technology available for its customers. While we’re excited to release this new technology, we’re more excited about giving our customers the latest tools to effectively run their business from anywhere. This new Cloud Technology will incorporate 3 main elements:


The Cloud Repository and database where restaurant data will exist, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere and serve as a real-time integration point from approved 3rd Party providers.
This is the reporting module that will include real-time dashboards, access from mobile devices, as well as act as an alert system that will proactively send notices when preset performance thresholds are exceeded.
Our proprietary software agent that resides at the restaurant level, and is responsible for “pumping” real-time data into Pivot.


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