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Are you ready to accept the next generation in payment technology?

As technology continues to advance in the restaurant and retail industry, your clientele's use of technology also advances. I'd say that the majority of individuals under 40 years old have heard of Apple Pay and/or Google Wallet and probably a large portion have actually used it before. This is especially important if your target clientele is in this age group, because most spend their time glued to their smartphone.

If you have never heard of Apple Pay or Google Wallet, then here is a brief explanation of what this technology is and what it can do. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are apps developed to accept Near-Field Communication (NFC) or "Contactless" payment transactions using an app on your smartphone. Apple Pay is the leading giant, but others such as Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay are all available depending on your smartphone brand. This technology allows a user to add their payment card information securely to their smartphone and when establishments offer payment devices that accept NFC payments, then the customer will simply "hover" their phone over the payment device and the transaction will process using the NFC communications without ever having to pull out their wallet.


As you may imagine , this technology can be extremely convenient for customers who are always on their phones (millennials, wait... and most everyone else these days), customers that only carry their phone after their morning run, or an individual who may have forgotten his/her wallet.

Lucas offers these payment devices in several makes & models to fit your needs that incorporate NFC communications as well as EMV (Euro, MasterCard, VISA) "Chip Cards", RFID (Radio Frequency ID) known as "Tap to Pay" cards that some issuers offer. All of these technologies can benefit you, the merchant and your customer. Merchants installing this technology gives multiple options for payments and can speed the transaction time using the NFC technology and also securing the payments by accepting EMV. Your customers benefit too, because they also have alternate ways to pay and can more easily choose how they pay to meets their needs.

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