Lucas specializes in Point of Sale Solutions in Hospitality & Retail markets.


Lucas provides full-service Point of Sale Technology from Hardware, Software, Technical Support, Security & Compliance, and Professional Services such as Integration, Repair, Onsite Installation, Network Wiring, and much more! 


Trust Lucas to take care of all your technology needs.


About Us

Lucas offers full service Point of Sale Technology and Service under one roof.  We handle Software, Hardware, Security, Professional Services support for all of our clients. We believe our “customer-direct” model accounts for a consistent, high-quality product and service.
Since opening our doors in 1992, we are one of the oldest POS companies in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Fast Casual restaurant space.  We have never had a goal of becoming one of the largest Point of Sale providers, rather we focused on being one of the best, most reputable Point of Sale providers.  We sought to accomplish that by providing our clients a reliable, quality product and service.  We believed that if we consistently did that, our clients would be happy with the value they received from Lucas and they would recommend us to others.  After the years of service and while we continue to expand our customer base, we believe our recipe for providing a quality product & service and evolving that product and service to meet the customer's changing needs…is what our clients want, and that is why we provide Solutions. Delivered. Right.